Albrecht DÜRER

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Self-portrait. silverpoint 1484

Albrecht Dürer is recognized as an old master painter and printmaker. Dürer was an extremely skilled at engraving, woodcut and etching /silver point. Working during the German Renaissance, Dürer was greatly inspired by his Italian counterparts such as Giovanni Bellini.


Coat of arms. 1527. woodcut

In 1495, Dürer opened a workshop in Nuremberg where he could develop his woodcut prints based on classical and religious themes. As Dürer’s reputation grew, he received a number of commissions for large-scale paintings. Throughout his painting career, he continued to produce preparatory drawings and woodcut prints.


Melencolia I. engraving. 1514


Apocalypse series. Four angels holding back the winds and marking of the elect. 1497-8. woodcut


Rhinocerus. 1515. woodcut

Dürer created some of his most iconic prints between 1513 and 1515, including: Knight, Death and the Devil, Melencolia I, St. Jerome in his Study, and the Rhinoceros.

In addition to his commissioned paintings and prints, Dürer’s study of human proportion and geometry was released two series of books titled Four Books on Measurement and Four Books on Human Proportion.

Albrecht Dürer’s work has had a lasting impact on the field of printmaking. Dürer is still considered to be one of the most talented engravers and woodcut artists of all time.