Appraise Print

Why should I have my print appraised?

Our clients have their prints appraised for a variety of reasons. The two most common motivations are the desire to sell or insure a work of art. We can also help with estate valuation, tax-deductible donations and divorce settlements. Industry experts recommend having a print appraised every five years to accurately reflect economic fluctuations.

How does Print Appraisers determine the value of a print?

We consider the rarity, condition and quality of a print, in addition to the current market demand for the graphic work of the artist. Sales records from the past decade are reviewed and analyzed by our team of experts, who can provide both the market and the replacement value of your print.

Will you appraise a print that has not been authenticated?

We provide official appraisals for prints that have been authenticated by Print Appraisers or another reputable organization. Relevant documentation (COA and report) must be provided. We perform unofficial estimates of value and conditional appraisals upon request.

Are your appraisals accepted by government and insurance agencies?

Yes. All of our appraisals are fully compliant with the most recent edition of Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. We are qualified appraisers as defined by § 170(f)(11) and 6695A of the Internal Revenue Code.

Why should I choose Print Appraisers to appraise my print(s)?

There are dozens of other organizations that offer appraisal service, but none share the same intimate familiarity with the entire oeuvre of these artists.